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A medical scribe is an old concept with a new vision, which consists of a non-clinical member of the team who is trained in documenting the physician-patient encounters. The medical scribe's function is an auxiliary information pathway to provide the physician with real-time access to complete documentation without interfering with a department's communication or efficiency. The role is exclusively clerical. This role is well suited for individuals who are already seeking opportunities in the healthcare profession.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), with their inherent complexity, have decreased the amount of patients that a physician can assess in a shift due to the extra time that is needed to perform clerical duties. With the addition of a medical scribe in your clinical setting, physicians are allotted less time in clerical work and more time with patients. This translates to increased physician satisfaction, increased patient satisfaction, and accurate charting for more complete billing.


Why Us?

ACSO Scribe will handle all the complexities inherent to hiring, training, and managing a scribe program. We provided a tailored made program that is developed around the needs of your facility. We ensure that our scribes receive comprehensive training and certification to ensure documentation excellence.

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Dr Rania Aziz MD,MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Terri Davis NP,LAc

Operations Manager

Dr Marrian Sedrak

Director of Training & Technology

Thomas Salazer

Director of Sales & Marketing
Nurse who is studying to get a job

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