Our Clinical Settings Scope

ACSO Scribe understands that hiring a scribing company is a tremendous undertaking for some practices. But for a moment, allow us to put you at ease. Scribes have been around for centuries, dating back to Ancient Egyptian times and the very practice of medicine in general. Providers have always wanted to spend more time with direct patient care, but stiffer regulations and requirements on documentation, makes this increasingly more difficult. ACSO Scribe’s tailored made programs can and will make this goal more attainable. Our committed, efficient, and satisfying scribe services will give more time back to the providers, allowing a higher quality of care.

Emergency department building sign closeup, with sky reflecting in the glass.
  • Emergency Medicine
    • Emergency departments can be a nightmare for patients. Firstly, they are concerned about the medical condition that made them seek emergency care.  Secondly, most departments are filled with patients who have chosen the wrong place for care and are crowded. Thirdly, the expected wait times are astronomical.  ACSO Scribe helps to reduce the time it takes to receive treatment and decreases wait time for the patient.  For the provider and institution, patient throughput increases patient satisfaction, RVUs and physician productivity.
  • Outpatient Care
    • Many people do not consider scribes in an outpatient setting, which is really disheartening. Just like in the ER setting, private offices can be hectic with sick patients that walk in, last minute scheduling changes, or simply a large amount of patient procedures being required.  ACSO Scribe helps the providers concentrate on taking care of the patient versus spending hours on end with documentation.  This again, provides a sense of security and satisfaction for the patient seeking treatment.
  • Hospital Medicine
    • AC∑SO Scribe understands the growing demands of the Hospitalists. As our population ages, there is more demand for Hospitalist coverage within the hospital.  The increase in volume and time spent trying to get patients properly accessed after leaving the ER or physician office puts a lot of demand on the Hospitalist, leaving very little time for accurate and thorough documentation. ACSO Scribe can help to alleviate the pressure, allowing the physicians to spend more time offer direct care to the patients.

ACSO Scribe takes great care and concern on eliminating the daunting task of thorough documentation during patient care. With more time dedicated to patient care, the physician staff’s stress levels decrease, which causes accuracy and satisfaction to increase.